2.5 months in Seoul, South Korea
Sunday, February 25, 2007
Summer 2007 in KOREA
Just found out that I'll be receiving the Light Fellowship again this summer to study in Seoul!

Another summer of amazingness.

Last summer--randomly finding my way around Seoul, doing all the tourist-y things, learning how to use the subway--was great (although I really could have done without getting lost trying to find Rodeo Drive in the rain and seeing lots of naked people in mokyoktang!) , but this summer I'd really like to ..

- look into getting a roomier place in Sinchon

- volunteer at a care center, or with a support group

- get FLUENT in korean .. do all my hw for sogang class ;)

- maybe get a nicer cell phone? one of those snazzy korean ones with a built in korean-english dictionary, perhaps..
the LG chocolate in white is soooo nice! although obviously way out of my budget

- eat and drink a ton... (obviously)
although so far me trying to make korean food in my dorm room has actually been working. an attempt to make kimchi chigae is gonna happen before spring break (somehow I managed to get real kimchi from Koreatown in NYC to New Haven)
=P sooo smelly.. but soooo satisfying

and my two amazing friends from burlington are gonna come and visit me for a week too ^^

~ jane
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