2.5 months in Seoul, South Korea
Sunday, May 20, 2007
New stuff to try and old stuff to reexperience

Top 5 things I want to try this summer:

1. A Buddhist Temple

Jogyesa Temple or Bogeunsa Temple

2. A Mud Fight!

Boryeong Mud Festival (보령머드축제)
Goes from July 14 to July 22 on Daecheon Beach. Mega mud tub, mud slide, mud soaps, etc. Supposed to be good for the skin (they sell mud cosmetics there too). Lonely Planet also says something about a "Mr Mud and Ms Mud" contest, haha.

3. A Korean West Coast Beach

Daecheon Beach
Described in the Lonely Planet Korea as "the best beach on the west coast" and the "Las Vegas of Korea"
Features a Mud House and tons of fresh seafood restaurants... a good place to try sannakji (산낙지), literally live octopus. Supposed to be so fresh that it moves around in your mouth while you chew!

4. A Rail Trip around South Korea

Korea Rail has a 3 day unlimited rail pass which I'm planning to get to see the West coast and central area of South Korea. Maybe I'll even get to stay in the 지방, or countryside

5. Waterfalls

Baekundong Valley

Top 5 things I've missed from last summer:

1. Mokyoktang
Korean bath and sauna. Nothing makes you feel quite as clean as sweating like a pig for an hour and then plunging in cold water. Cool floors to take naps on and healthy refreshments like misugaru (a cold drink made from grain) and miyukgook (seaweed soup) make the experience even better.

2. Norehbang
Korean karaoke. Ubiquitous: you can find a sign saying 노래방 every block in Sinchon.

3. Soju, barbecue, and Hongdae club night
Rice liquor, roasted meat, and dancing to Korean hiphop... The three are inextricably linked.

4. Milky Road
The best patbingsoo in Seoul

5. Class at Sogang ( nerd :) )

I miss vocab games and in-depth conversations about random topics in Korean!

Tourist Stuff

It's funny how much of the touristy attractions I didn't see last summer---

Gyeongbok palace/National folk museum

Namsan park/Seoul Tower

Chongdong Theatre

Hangang Park

Fortunately my friends will be visiting for one week in July, during my Korean language program's vacation. I'll be showing them around Seoul, and seeing some of the museums/palaces/traditional performances for the first time as well. Seoul in 1 week? It's gonna be intense.


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