2.5 months in Seoul, South Korea
Thursday, July 19, 2007
Conflagrations and Pumpkins in Sinchon
The first fire I've witnessed in Korea had to be right next to where I live :(

On Wednesday evening, I was randomly walking past the street I live on on the way to dinner with a language partner and a friend, when we saw a huge crowd gathered up ahead of us.

Everyone had their cell phone cameras out and was snapping shots, trying to get closer in, so I thought they were watching some kind of street performance.


Just fascinated by burning buildings.

Eventually someone called the fire station, and the police tried (in vain) to shoo the crowd away.

화재: fire, conflagration
구조: rescue
구급: first aid

To my knowledge, no one was hurt, although 3 stores, a clothes shop, a ramen restaurant, and a norehbang (karaoke room) were destroyed.


24-hour ramyun


The cause of the fire turned out to be an electrical wire that exploded and caught fire. My goshitel building is next to the wire that caught fire, so we got our power shut off for a few hours while the cables were replaced.

On a lighter note, dinner that night was really interesting-- Korean food in squash bowls!

The restaurant served all of its food in edible cooked squash halves-- it's in the side street towards Yonsei past Sinchon Rotary:

낙지 볶음, spicy octopus, in squash. The sweet squash flesh is supposed to counteract the tear-inducing spiciness of the octopus.

호박죽, or squash porridge, in squash bowl. Sweet, warm and filling!
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  • At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Hannah said…

    I stumbled upon your page looking for a patbingsoo recipe (haha) and I found your blog very interesting. I was wondering, what are you in Korea for? Is it a program?

  • At 10:51 AM, Blogger Jane said…

    Yes- I'm taking summer Korean language classes at Sogang University sponsored by the Light Fellowship~
    Sorry there's no patbingsoo recipe on this blog! Maybe I'll put one up!

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