2.5 months in Seoul, South Korea
Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Proud to Be an Oversized American
The 4th of July in Korea is not a big deal at all. Although Kim Jong Il's missile launch was pretty audacious timing.

But if anywhere in Korea were to celebrate America's Independence Day, we thought that it would be Itaewon. Itaewon is an old GI base, meaning that there are tons of places catering to Americans. We thought that this would mean fireworks, 4th of July food and drink specials, and decorations.

No. None of the above.

Actually, it means:

- cafes named "America". Restaurants telling you "We have English menu for you welcome!!!"

- offices specializing in "marriage translation" and passports/visas for bringing your new bride home

- "Welcome to Korea" archway

Kaila: "What...like the other side of the archway is not Korea?"

- 큰 옷! Tons of signs advertising, quite literally "BIG CLOTHES". Too bad we Americans can't fit into tiny Korean sized clothing.

- scantily dressed Korean women yelling greetings at men to enter their club or pressing themselves against upstairs windows. a disproportionate number of "massage" parlors


So I've just found out that the place that we were wandering was called "Hooker's Hill".
This explains a lot more than the sore calves we had from walking up inclines...

Well, at least there was KFC. Can't get any more American than that:

Actually, we had to order two "Family sized" Combos. For four people. And it was still barely enough.
(^_^;;) Biiiiiig American sizes => Biiiig American people who need to go to special stores to buy 큰 옷!

After wandering around the streets of Itaewon looking for an okay bar (i.e. something with no barely dressed women "entertaining" you), we declared it impossible and went back to Sinchon. Ahhh, lovely Sinchon...

Merlot wine and cheesecake/tiramisu.

Much preferable to prostitutes and sketchy male customers, don't you agree?


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