2.5 months in Seoul, South Korea
Sunday, June 25, 2006
Korea's Last World Cup Game
Saturday morning.... 4 AM!
We were ready the night before. Went to this really good kalbi place, you can get the beef for only $7, including all the sides. It's located near Yonsei, behind TGIF's.

Kaila is showing off her strong, un-Korean-girl bicep.

The bar we went to was MORE expensive for World Cup night! Cocktails, beers, and shots were twice the price...

that's okay, we're happy anyway.

Walking around Hongdae, we encountered Condomania.. the cute animated sperm on the window is a nice touch, don't you think?
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We ended up going to Harlem, since the big hiphop club NB was closed. Don't go! The constantly flickering strobe lights there gave us all a headache. They were going to play the World Cup inside the club:

Korea put up a good fight. In terms of patriotic enthusiasm, at least, I think we won the Cup :)

Ah it's Sunday already! Gotta get started on that big pile of Korean h/w which I haven't looked at yet; I'm planning to do it in this place called Mindulay. Mindulay means Dandelion in English, and it's a cafe where you pay about $5 for 3 hours. You stay in a large, decorated building with several floors, eat, drink, and relax. Or in my case, learn Korean vocabulary. Woohoo.


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