2.5 months in Seoul, South Korea
Sunday, June 18, 2006
shoppers' paradise + korean clubbing
Only in Korea can clothes shopping become a form of nightlife =)

Dongdaemun Market is a huge area that sells name brand and fashion clothes at cheap wholesale prices! But the wholesale market is only open from 10:30 pm to 8 am, so you need to choose between Shopping or Sleep. Easy decision. We went on Friday night; no class the next morning!

Here are some of my new Korean *yooheng* (fashionable) clothes.. I'm going to return to the States looking like a fob. But I can't help it--all these clothes were so cheap! And so Koreanly cute. Dongdaemun nighttime markets are good places to bargain, getting from 10 to 50% off of the originally quoted prices.. Make sure you call the store owner "Unnie", Korean for older sister ;)

These shoes are impossibly uncomfortable, like all heels here.. See how they end in a small pointy heel? All of your foot's weight is put on this one pressure point. Here's some advice, if you come to Korea, make sure you bring plenty of comfortable heels, as women always wear high heeled shoes here, and the ones sold in the country are torture devices.
Lol, I ended up buying these heels on the way to the club on Saturday, since I had come out wearing flip flops (no admission). Straight off of the street, for 10,000 won ($10).

They sell more than clothes in Dongdaemun--

cute!! But I'm pretty sure that the ones here are too young to be taken away from their mothers =/ They kept squinting in the bright light and snuffling with their heads under the blanket.

The puppy seller pushed one of the puppies at Kaila so she could hold it, a smart selling tactic.

^ Kaila didn't want to let go...

On the subway to Dongdaemun, we were able to see an attractive scene:

Middle aged man passed out right on the floor! People were giving him strange looks and edging away. Then when the subway doors opened, the drunk guy's foot rolled into the doorway and people had to push his leg out of the way..
LOL, he ended up hugging this random stranger's leg.. The poor stranger looks pretty uncomfortable, but he's not pushing the passed out guy's arms away..?

Saturday night we went back to Hongdae, this time to go to some of the dance clubs in the district!
Although we started out with some drinks, I'm proud to say that it seems that I don't suffer from the infamous asian flush.

After the bar, we went to a place called S Club; it cost 10,000 won (about $10 USD) to get in, with free tequila, Sprite, Coke.

Choi Sunsengneem would be proud.

Everyone looks so happy! Thanks for showing us around, Jun!

S Club played hiphop music, and so we got our dance on =p
American dancing stands out in a Korean crowd..

especially because of our excellent facial expressions:

and inventive movements.

The last Friday of each month is Club Day in Hongdae. For $10 to $20 you get admission to most of the clubs in the area. Of course we're going back!


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  • At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Mark said…

    haha...I just looked through all the pictures...oh God...we all look...well...ya know

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